"ALPHA CHANNEL VFX started in 2018 to help both budding filmmakers and visual effects artists work together to achieve a higher potential.  As students of VFX, our abilities are growing exponentially with the ability to work with others in the "up and coming" category  and we think there is a great opportunity to work  and grow together all while building everlasting relationships in the industry.  

     I know many amateur filmmakers and often times they settle with novice vfx that can take you right out of the film.  I think we can raise the bar a bit by providing a much better quality of visual effects that  will take your film to a more professional level at a cheaper cost than a professional vfx house.  


​     All films deserve a chance.  That's why we should work together so we can make it together.  We will work our tails off to create something visually exciting so that you can be proud of your finished work (..us too).  Our small team has a variety of skills such as 2D/3D compositing, 3D modeling, motion graphics, color correction, keying, matte painting, and 3D image tracking.  Currently we are only accepting 5 shots or less per contract but don't worry! That's not a bad thing. We focus on quality to the best of our ability to push our limits to become the best."



  So, let's make stuff! 

-Todd "Das" Fuerst

founder/compositor/fx artist

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